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VOLUME TWO | Was That Really God? & Crossing The Jordan | NEW Digital Gift Bundle Special – PDF

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VOLUME TWO | Was That Really God? A Biblical Guideline in Understanding How God Speaks in Dreams and Visions.


OVER 650 Dream Symbols Now Explained!


In this book, Melany provides an easy to follow guideline to equip readers in understanding their own personal God-given dream language. Over 650 dream symbols, and their Biblical meanings, are included. This adds over 300 dream symbol explanations to the original publication (volume One – Brown/Golden Cover), yet readers will have the privilege of getting all the original information shared, which includes multiple scriptural references and biblical examples to ensure they are confident that all taught is straight from the Word of God.


Five Star Award Seal Winner | Crossing the Jordan; There is a Golden Road for Everyone.


As a complete heathen and living a wild life of booze, weed, and married men, Melany was involved in most things she ought not to have been. As a proud atheist and believing in reincarnation, she did not believe in angels or demons, God, Satan, heaven or hell.

While living and working in the Middle East, the spirit realm opened up to her one evening. Here, she was physically attacked by two demons, who told her that they were going to kill her. After a failed attempt at finding an exorcist she called out to God, telling Him that if He was real, that He should show up in a way that she could not deny. He did.

Melany got radically touched by Jesus Christ that night and an amazing God adventure began that, to date, has taken her to six nations of the world. For the believer, this book will set your heart on fire for “the more” of God, realizing that you do not need to have a title or a twenty-year walk with the Lord to be used of Him in a powerful way. To the non-believer, this book will compel you to reconsider eternity.



This Is A New Bundle Set with VOLUME TWO of 'Was That Really God?' & 'Crossing The Jordan; There Is A Golden Road for Everyone'

This is a Digital Download - PDF x 2


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