Meet Logan & Melany

Logan’s Story

Melany’s Story

Melany’s Story

Her childhood and early to late twenties

Melany was born in Zimbabwe on 27 May 1983. She relocated to Southern Africa with her parents when she was just a few weeks old, and spent her early and teen years in a little town called Nelspruit, where she graduated High School in 2001.

Growing up, her home life was not stable and she soon found herself looking for different avenues to find comfort, love and support. She found these in all the wrong places and it wasn’t long before she was involved in things a person should not be… smoking, boys, booze and weed.

Shortly after graduating high school, she relocated to Johannesburg which was a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Nelspruit. Here she began to climb the corporate ladder and it wasn’t long after that she spent a year in London gaining some international business experience while enjoying the benefits of a working holiday visa.

A wild life ensued for the first twenty-nine years of her life. During this time, she hated Christians with a passion, believing that they were nothing more than weak and hypocritical individuals who never personally modeled what they preached. She was a proud Atheist who believed in reincarnation and was regularly seeing a Therapist who would ‘read her Aura’ and council her accordingly.

How She Met The Lord

In 2012 she relocated to the Middle East for work purposes and it was here, a short six months after relocating, that she had to face the reality of the existence of the supernatural realm. While not believing in God, Satan, angels, demons, heaven or hell, on the evening of 14 January 2013, she encountered the demonic when the spirit realm opened up to her and she was physically attacked by two demons who told her that they were going to kill her.

Physically bruised and stiff from this encounter, the next morning she was advised by a now close friend to seek help from a local church. Hoping to arrange an exorcist to pray over her house, she made her way to one only to find herself angry and offended when she was told by the leaders that the problem was not with the house, but with her. They confirmed what her now close friend had told her, which was that she was a sinner in need of a Savior… Jesus.

She left the church unsaved and angry, minus an exorcist but armed with what she thought at the time was a useless bible and an evangelical tract. That night in fear and certainty that the demons would be back to finish her off, she cried out to God to come and be God if He was really that big. He did. She was radically encountered by the Lord Jesus Christ who Saved her. That night while all alone in her apartment, she was born again, washed clean and forgiven, never to be the same again. She is forever grateful to her Savior and has followed and served Him ever since.


Her Purpose Today

In May 2015 she had a number of radical encounters with the Lord through dreams and visions that had her activated into the Gifts of Words of Knowledge as well as Healing. She immediately began to see the Lord do some extraordinary miracles. In October of 2015 after the majority of her office in the Middle East had given their lives to Jesus, the Lord called her out of the corporate world. This was the start of a journey she now sees was teaching her not only to rely fully on God but to recognize her own short comings and limitations. It is in a place of brokenness and humility that His strength, grace and great mercy truly shines. More now than ever before, she is acutely aware of this and counts it a great privilege and joy to, by His grace alone, be called a Child of God and Ambassador for His Kingdom.
Melany attended Revival Ministries International for training to better prepare herself for ministry, and the Call to be an Evangelist. It was during this time of training that Melany met Logan Schroeder, whom was also undergoing Ministry Training.

Crossing the Jordan; There is a Golden Road for Everyone

Melany is best known for her Five-Star Award Winning book, Crossing the Jordan; There is a Golden Road for Everyone.

Her book is available both in digital form on her website here, as well as in paperback on Amazon.

Melany has two books she is currently working on, which she expects will be released before the end of 2020. 

Logan’s Story

Logan’s early years and how he met the Lord

Logan was born on 4 April 1988 in British Columbia, Canada, and his family travelled extensively through Canada for work purposes for the first ten years of his life. In 1998 his father suffered an almost-fatal accident at work, which threw his family life into disarray. At a very young age, the confusion of what had happened, along with the responsibility to fill his father’s shoes, proved too much, and Logan got heavily involved in drugs and alcohol.

Around 2010, after the birth of his daughter in 2008 and many years of addiction, Logan went into Teen Challenge in hope of breaking free from the bondage to substance abuse he was facing. It was here that he truly encountered the Lord Jesus for the first time. He maintains that the transformation in his life began with this encounter.

Logan’s Purpose and Journey to Freedom

Despite struggling and falling back into different addictions after the year spent in teen challenge, Logan knew from his encounter with Jesus that it was possible to walk in freedom. One afternoon, in desperation and knowing that he was heading down the same road of destruction he had previously come off of, he walked off of a job site where he was working construction, and into a church that happened to be next door, looking for help.

Here, he found a Pastor who listened patiently to him. He found himself sharing details of where he was at, and the fears of falling all the way back. The Pastor simply said, ‘you know what you need to do,’ and in that moment, Logan knew he needed to leave that particular site, where drugs and alcohol where a regular part of everyday life. At that time he was in Saskatoon, Canada. Without a word, he left and found himself back in his home town, Meadow Lake, and decided to plug himself into a local church, The Bridge, in hope of true and lasting transformation.

It was here, at The Bridge Church, that Logan was baptised in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, and began to passionately pursue Jesus. He spent three years attending and serving as a worship leader at The Bridge before deciding to follow the greater Call of God on his life, and attend training at Revival Ministries International in Tampa Bay, Florida USA – the same place Melany was attending.

Logan completed one year training in their Worship Department before moving to the home belonging to the Crusade Directors of Revival Ministries International, to train with them, which is where Melany was training at the time.

Logan and Mel’s Journey Together

The Lord spoke to Logan almost immediately upon arriving at the Directors home, confirming that Melany was his wife. Logan had been very intentionally praying and fasting intermittently for his wife-to-be for several months by this time. As the Lord spoke to Logan, He too spoke to Melany confirming that Logan was her husband, and very shortly after his arrival at the Directors home, and with the blessing of their Spiritual Leaders, he began a relationship with Melany and they were married a short seven months later on 29 March 2019.

Logan and Melany currently live in Surrey B.C. Canada, and are planning for a future in full time ministry.

They served on the Launch Team of Numa.Church, which officially launched in September 2020, and were the leaders of the Outreach Department at Glad Tidings Church in Vancouver in 2022. Here, they helped equip the church to do the work of the Evangelist.

As God proved Himself faithful to birthing His promises by way of these new ministries, Logan and Mel were also happy to announce the arrival of their beautiful little girls. Amelia Noelle was born on 15 August 2020 and Dani Mae was born on 31 August 2021.