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Crossing the Jordan

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About Crossing the Jordan Ministries

Crossing the Jordan Ministries is an online Ministry with a goal to show individuals that they have been created by God for a very specific purpose. We aim to help them discover who God created them to be, for what purpose they were born, and how to cross over into all God has for them.

Crossing the Jordan Ministries is best known for the Five-Star Seal Award Winning book, Crossing the Jordan; There is a Golden Road for Everyone, written by Melany Bungay (now Melany Schroeder).  In addition, Crossing the Jordan Ministries is best known for online devotionals, biblical dream interpretation, and leading people to Jesus both online and in public ministry.

“We help people discover who God created them to be, for what purpose they were born, and how to cross over into all God has for them”



In October 2016, a short two months after starting Bible School in Florida USA, God confirmed to Melany through a Prophetic Word from Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of

Meet Logan & Melany

Logan and Mel Schroeder currently live in Vancouver Canada. After meeting at Bible School, The River Bible Institute, in Florida USA in 2017, it was in mid-August 2018 that they decided to pursue a romantic relationship. It wasn’t long before they knew that they were to be married. They left Florida in February 2019 bound for Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Logan’s hometown, to tie the knot.

They were married on March 29, 2019 in an intimate yet informal church office setting, where Logan’s home-church Pastor performed the ceremony. Logan and Mel began serving in this local church, however, a few short months later, in August 2019, Logan was given an opportunity to join a company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia as part of a construction team that built large high-rise buildings.

Having both just had dreams from God about a new beginning on the horizon when this opportunity arose, they knew God was personally moving them. Within two weeks, they managed to sell or give away their belongings, and embarked on a new God-adventure with just what they could fit in their little Chevy Cobalt.

On arrival in South Surrey, Vancouver, they quickly got plugged into a local church. It was here, on their first day, that they met Pastors Nic and Sarah Arkley, who had recently immigrated from the UK on a Word from God, to plant a new life-giving church, Numa.Church, in the South Surrey area. Within a few short months, it became clear – Logan and Mel were to be part of the Launch Team of this new church plant.

This is where Mel and Logan currently find themselves; with the birth of Numa.Church happening in September 2020, the birth of their personal ministry, Crossing the Jordan Ministries, along with the birth of their first-born little girl expected in August 2020, they firmly believe that God is beginning to birth His promises for their lives, which they believe will, one day, lead to pursuing their passion of ministry full-time.

They believe that one must first be faithful with another man’s vision, and when proven faithful, it is then that God will give them their own. Their journey thus starts with not only the Numa.Church launch, where they will hold up the hands of Pastors Nic and Sarah in any way they can, but also with Crossing The Jordan Ministries, their own personal online ministry. Crossing the Jordan Ministries has the goal of leading people to Jesus, as well as facilitating the process of helping these people discover their individual God-given purposes, and encouraging them to live with both feet fully and firmly in the Kingdom of God.

Crossing the Jordan

There is a golden road for everyone

By Melany Bungay-Schroeder

Discover your God-given Purpose and Destiny in the book Crossing the Jordan. Now available in digital form and paperback.

God Has a Wonderful Plan and a Specific Purpose for YOU!



Crossing the Jordan; 

There is a

Golden Road for Everyone 

Reading this wonderful book will help you

start your Journey in discovering all that

God has for you!


As a complete heathen and living a wild life of booze, weed, and married men, Melany was involved in most things she ought not to have been. As a proud atheist and believing in reincarnation, she did not believe in angels or demons, God, Satan, heaven or hell.

While living and working in the Middle East, the spirit realm opened up to her one evening. Here, she was physically attacked by two demons, who told her that they were going to kill her. After a failed attempt at finding an exorcist she called out to God, telling Him that if He was real, that He should show up in a way that she could not deny. He did.

Melany got radically touched by Jesus Christ that night and an amazing God adventure began that, to date, has taken her to six nations of the world. For the believer, this book will set your heart on fire for “the more” of God, realizing that you do not need to have a title or a twenty-year walk with the Lord to be used of Him in a powerful way. To the non-believer, this book will compel you to reconsider eternity.

Book Reviews

Brave, yet so inspiring

I could not put it down. Mel so bravely tells her story, and weaves in testimony after testimony of the goodness of God in her life. She so beautifully points one to scripture, as she tells her life story, to inspire one to a live a life in relationship with our good good Father. Chapter after chapter I was so encouraged and drawn to want to know more and inspired to be more for God. I got to know Mel in her early walk as a Christian and this book is such an authentic depiction of her life and her continued growth, I saw her change 100% after getting to know the Lord. What an inspiration Mel, I look forward to so many more of her books.

~ Annabel Eggeling