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Crossing the Jordan: There is a Golden Road for Everyone | PDF e-BOOK

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As a complete heathen and living a wild life of booze, weed, and married men, Melany was involved in most things she ought not to have been. As a proud atheist and believing in reincarnation, she did not believe in angels or demons, God, Satan, heaven or hell.

While living and working in the Middle East, the spirit realm opened up to her one evening. Here, she was physically attacked by two demons, who told her that they were going to kill her. After a failed attempt at finding an exorcist she called out to God, telling Him that if He was real, that He should show up in a way that she could not deny. He did.

Melany got radically touched by Jesus Christ that night and an amazing God adventure began that, to date, has taken her to six nations of the world. For the believer, this book will set your heart on fire for “the more” of God, realizing that you do not need to have a title or a twenty-year walk with the Lord to be used of Him in a powerful way. To the non-believer, this book will compel you to reconsider eternity.



Crossing the Jordan; There is a Golden Road for Everyone

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12 reviews for Crossing the Jordan: There is a Golden Road for Everyone | PDF e-BOOK

  1. Angelique Pacheco

    The author’s testimony is beautiful and honest and I admire the bravery shown by Mel as she takes you with her on her spiritual journey. She has a radical conversion that transforms her into a child of God. The highs and lows, the good and bad, all mirror our everyday emotions. I found the book to be well written and clear. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is uncertain in their faith.

  2. Angel

    A powerful testimony of a young woman searching for deliverance and truth. Then she met Truth. Jesus the ‘way maker’, delivers, saves and restores. I admire Melany’s courage. She refused to give up. I am blessed to know Melany, a humble person, hungry for God. I know her testimony will reach many for the Kingdom of God. Blessings ! from all of us 🙂

  3. Ken Mote

    I am very enthralled by Melany’s book. I know Melany from River Bible College. I did not know the extent of her testimony. This is a great book and will bring blessings to all who read it. When Melany gave God control of her life, He totally changed it for the best. I know God will use this book to help struggling people. What a great God we serve. I thank God for Melany.

  4. Mardi

    Excellent book to read and share. Sometimes one knows a person who has similar struggles and can’t share the true solution for whatever reason, this will be the book to give to them.
    People are not always ready to here a true Christian’s testimony face to face and this book is non threatening.
    Mel brings the reader through a time she struggled with many things and issues people deal with every day and never talk about or get genuine counseling for.
    I personally know Mel and today she is a strong lady with God’s favor in her life.

  5. Stephanie Deppen

    This book gripped me from the first chapter. She has a way of explaining her experiences that makes you feel like you’re right there with her watching. This book contains a powerful testimony and personal account of a life radically changed. The change in her is remarkable! It shares her journey. If you have family and friends who seem like “lost causes” this book will be an encouragement to you. I definitely recommend it.

  6. Annabel Eggeling

    I could not put it down. Mel so bravely tells her story, and weaves in testimony after testimony of the goodness of God in her life. She so beautifully points one to scripture, as she tells her life story, to inspire one to a live a life in relationship with our good good Father. Chapter after chapter I was so encouraged and drawn to want to know more and inspired to be more for God. I got to know Mel in her early walk as a Christian and this book is such an authentic depiction of her life and her continued growth, I saw her change 100% after getting to know the Lord. What an inspiration Mel, I look forward to so many more of her books.

  7. McKenzie Krichbaum

    Beautifully written from a beautiful person. Enticing, captivating and shocking, our author pours out her heart of her most defining moments and personal experiences. Very rarely do you get the honor of such a clear look into an authors life. Mel shares what many would not dare, because she is shameless in understanding she has become a new creation- and only because of Christ. I highly recommend this book to anyone ready for a genuine story of first glance at the miracle of a flipped life. She shares not only where she came from, but where she was taken too- a message sure to instil faith in the heart of any reader.

  8. James J. Vaughan

    Mel, Thank you for allowing God to use you, to bless those who you are still living for themselves or living the sinful life and by the grace of Jesus, after encountering crossing the Jordan could come to the saving grace of God.
    Crossing the Jordan is rich and life changing, and testament that God is still doing miracles and breaking yoke of darkness over the lives of his children.

  9. Kevin Nowicki

    I read this book and for a first book from this author, I am truly impressed. I believe there is much more to come. I look forward to seeing more from her and I will absolutely be a purchaser of her books in the future. I know this is a true story of the authors life; a testimony of sorts, but it is written in such a discriptive fashion. She uses so much imagery that I had to remind myself it wasn’t a novel. The pictures in my mind are now set in concrete as though I was on the scene as the events were unfolding. She also revealed her heart and exposed her vulnerability in such a way that I felt a strange “first person” empathy. In other words, I felt as though I was her in the scenarios. I’m not sure if this was her intent, but, that is what I felt. I am the type of reader, that if I cannot see the scene in my mind’s eye, I won’t continue to read the book. I had no problem with maintaining interest in this literature. Well done Miss B. I am in anticipation of your next piece. I hope this is not a one and only project.

  10. Tara Rautenbach

    This book is so rich with testimonies of Gods love and ability to lead us from darkness to light, transforming our lives to impact others. I know the author and her transformation has been so inspiring to me. God has shown such incredible faithfulness and favor to Melany Bungay in the stories she accounts, they are faith building, encouraging us to trust God in the impossible and to be obedient in the face of opposition. This story will touch your heart deeply and challenge you to surrender, whether to accept Jesus for the first time, or to go all in to serve Him. Her writing is beautifully done, I was in tears one moment and giggling the next. She has the ability to skillfully paint with words, making you feel like you were right there with her. I am itching to read her future books, she is genuine and gifted writer.

  11. Diane Steeg

    Amazing writer! Once I started the book, I couldn’t put it down. Love the way she writes. Powerful testimony of what God can do in your life if you are obedient and completely surrendered to Him. A new creation!

  12. Venilla Luchmee Marimootoo

    Having known Mel personally, it was amazing to see how God used every single moment of her life to bring hope and faith, even creating ripple effects in the life of others

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