If you’re older than five, chances are that you’ve at some point had a crush, dated or even been married to someone, only to have that relationship end. Here is what it means when that person – your ex – suddenly shows up in your dreams;

Dreaming about your ex, such as getting back into an old relationship, is the Lords way of showing you that you are sliding back into old ways of the world and habits of thinking. You have more than likely grown significantly since the time of that relationship, and He is cautioning you.

Dreaming about an ex is one of the most common dreams I hear, many people query the meaning of this. Rest assured, it is a good dream, as God is showing you the old patterns before they become too ingrained in your life again. Some other common questions around this dream are;

Does dreaming about your ex mean that they miss you?

While I can’t answer the question on whether your ex misses you or not, what I can say is that I am fairly certain that dreaming that you are returning to a past relationship in some capacity does not have any relevance to whether they miss you or not.

Dreams of today, like in bible days, are typically more symbolic than literal. As Christians, we may love the Lord now, but our first love relationship before we met the Lord, was with the world and worldly ways. God uses past relationships to represent this in dreams, and a past relationship / ex is symbolic of old ways of thinking and doing things.

I’m happily married, why am I dreaming about my ex, and / or having an affair in my dream?

While I cannot speak on the condition of your marriage, I can say with fair certainty that dreaming about an ex while you’re married has no relevance to your actual marriage, and will be symbolic representation of returning to old worldly ways of thinking and doing things.

However, if you are dreaming about committing adultery, there are two possible scenarios the Lord may be wanting to highlight and warn you about;

Firstly, it may be a warning that the enemy is wanting to cause an actual marriage disruption – the enemy hates marriage and the power there is in agreement and unity in marriage. Be aware and stay on guard against this and his ploys to bring about divorce.

Secondly, one of the ways in which the Bible describes Jesus, is as the husband coming back for His bride. If you are a saved, born-again believer, having an affair in a dream may indicate that you’ve put something before the Lord in your life. It could therefore be a warning about idolatry of some kind, and the Lord may be asking that you give Him back His rightful place.

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