This is a dream I believe every single person will have at some point in their lives, and it’s because God loves us too much to leave us where we are at. To avoid the pitfalls He is warning us of by giving us this dream, we need to understand what it means though;

Dreaming about living back in a childhood home is indicative of returning to the negative and destructive patterns and behaviors you once struggled with in years past. God is reminding you that you’ve grown, and He is cautioning you not to return to those negative behavioural patterns.

There are many possible scenarios where your old childhood home, or even your current home, may appear in a dream, and each scenario will typically mean something different. Below are some examples, and their possible meanings;

What Do Houses Represent in Dreams from a Biblical perspective?

Typically, dreams about houses usually have to do with certain issues being experienced in the dreamer’s life. They can however also symbolically be representing your church. Things to ask yourself, which will allow you to better understand your dream, are;

1. Is this an old home, or my current home, or something brand new?

Old would be indicative of old issues resurfacing. Current would be indicative of something you’re working through that was not dealt with previously. New would be indicative of a brand-new issue, or, in the positive, something new God is bringing you.

2. What are the surroundings of the home? For instance, is the fence which was around the property suddenly no longer there, and you’re afraid for your safety?

No fence with dark surroundings (for instance, if it is night time) would be indicative of being fearful and feeling unsafe in your current situation. If this is in an old childhood home, it is likely speaking of reverting to your old patterns of self-preservation and protection when feeling alone, abandoned or rejected.

3. What kind of house is it? Double Story?

If a once single-story home is suddenly a double story, it is indicative of a double anointing being given.

4. Are there any new rooms which were not there before?

If this is a dream about your current home, this is indicative of God increasing your capacity and adding something new.

5. Is the roof a new but specific color in the dream, as colors have specific meaning.

Colors could be indicative of a specific anointing. You can read up on the biblical meaning of colors here.

Why Did I Dream That I’m Selling My Old (Or Current) House?

If you dream that you’re selling your old or current home, it likely means that in the process of allowing God to change and refine your ways of thinking and patterns of behavior that don’t line up with the Word of God, there will be a reward. This is because selling a home typically involves a cash exchange, as well as moving to a new home.

Money in this context would represent Gods favor and grace (basically, heavens currency) along with provision, and of course a new way of thinking and therefore new ways of behavior.

It means you’ll be living in a ‘new space’ so to speak.

Why Do I Dream That I’m Moving Back to My Old House?

Much like returning to and living in your childhood home, returning to a prior home (which was not your childhood home) is still indicative of returning to old patterns of thinking and negative or destructive behavior.

The question to ask yourself is, what were my patterns of thinking and behavior like during the period of time when I lived in that home?

Perhaps this was a season that you were really struggling to trust God, or perhaps it was a season in which God showed you that you had a real struggle with jealousy in your life. The key here would be to reflect on what was happening in that season of your life, and ask God to show you how you can avoid sliding back into those old negative patterns and destructive behaviors.

Why Do I Dream That My House Is Being Broken Into?

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. If you dream that your home is being broken into, this is a warning that that which you worked for, specifically in the areas that you had struggled with in the past (ask yourself what you worked hard to overcome in terms of negative ways of thinking and behavior), the enemy is working hard to steal your victory over.

Do not let the enemy steal your peace, your joy, your hope, or your faith. Your home should be a place of rest, a place you go to for refuge and peace. Don’t allow other peoples attitudes or actions to change the way you respond to things. Someone else’s behavior should never have the power to change yours.

Remember, the enemy uses people. That being said, our fight is not against flesh and blood. Recognise who the real enemy is, and do not allow offence to come in, as that is exactly what the enemy would want as offense robs you of everything. You cannot receive from God while holding onto offence. Instead, pray and bless your enemies and those who love but hurt you.

Why Did I Dream That My Childhood Home Was Being Destroyed?

Dreaming about your childhood home being destroyed speaks of a thorough work being done in you to rid you of negative past behaviors and patterns of thinking.

Why Did I Dream That My Childhood Home Was Robbed?

Much like the above section labelled, Why Do I Dream That My House Is Being Broken Into? this dream is indicative of the enemy succeeding to rob you of something.

It might be peace, joy, your faith, your health – it could really be virtually anything. Ask yourself what area you are struggling in, that you at one time in the past did not struggle with. When you’ve narrowed this down, remember that it is the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy, but the bible tells us in Genesis 50:20 that what the enemy uses to harm us, God will turn it for our good. Ask God what you can do, practically, which will allow Him to turn the situation around and bring you into a good place again.

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