Losing teeth in a dream is one of the most common dream questions I receive from people all over the world. I find it remarkable how God is using this particular dream to symbolically represent what He is wanting His people to know:

If you are losing teeth in a dream, whether they are loose or actually falling out, God is communicating that there is a problem with your ability to comprehend, understand and discern things. Wisdom teeth represent the ability to act in wisdom, and eye teeth represent revelatory understanding.

As you find in the bible, dreams are more symbolic, while visions are more literal. Below I will go into more detail on different scenarios you may see in a dream revolving around teeth, however, if you don’t find what you are looking for you can download Was That Really God? A Biblical Guideline in How God Speaks in Dreams here, which has over 350 symbols explained and goes into great detail on how to understand your dreams.

As mentioned, teeth speak of wisdom, comprehension and understanding. Think of the saying, ‘I have to chew on that for awhile…’  It’s about mulling things over and coming to a place of understanding. There are many scenarios I am asked about all the time when it comes to teeth dreams, and I’ll share a few below;

Why Did I Lose My Eye Tooth In A Dream?

Eye teeth speak of revelatory understanding. If you have lost your eye tooth, God is communicating that there is an inability to recognize important issues in your life, an inability to see these issues with spiritual eyes when they are present in your own life.

If the eye tooth is loose, it means that there in an increasing inability to recognize these issues.

Time in the secret place, in the Lord’s presence, is how you remedy this, along with time in His Word. I would recommend the book of Proverbs specifically if you’re dreaming about losing teeth. Anything lost, loose, cracked, broken, or rotten, can be restored by spending time with Jesus, who is the Great Restorer, and His Word.

Why Did I Lose My Wisdom Tooth In A Dream?

Wisdom teeth are symbolic of your ability to operate with wisdom. If you have lost a wisdom tooth in your dream, the best course of action is to spend time with Jesus, ask where you have been operating without heaven’s wisdom, and He will show you how to course-correct and begin walking correctly.

God loves you and shows you these things because He wants you to be successful in all you do, so do not be discouraged. Whether it was lost, loose, broken or rotten, spending time with Jesus and in His Word is the key to having this area of your life restored. I recommend Proverbs in the Bible specifically as this Book is known as the Book of Wisdom.

What If I’m Getting Braces In My Dream?

If you are getting braces in a dream, this is symbolic of God bringing back into alignment the areas that you have been struggling in, whether this is spiritual insight, wisdom or understanding. Often times, this correction will be seen and recognized by others around you.

What If I’m Getting Invisalign Braces In My Dream?

Much like braces, Invisalign also brings your teeth into alignment, however, the difference here is that invisalign are invisible. This means that, while with braces, other people will see that a correction is being made to your teeth, with Invisalign, the correction is mostly hidden.

This means that the Lord will make this correction with you in the secret place, where others will not even be aware that there was a problem.

What If I’m Receiving Implants In A Dream, Or Losing Implants In A Dream?

Implants speak of mans wisdom versus God’s wisdom. Ultimately, we don’t want to be operating with mans wisdom. Humility is required to really submit to God’s way of thinking and doing things, and submission to God means we are humble enough to ask Him for His Wisdom.

If you see yourself getting Implants, the best thing to do is get quiet with God and ask Him where you are applying your own way of doing things verses His way of doing things. He is faithful and will show you in order to bring you back onto the right track.

If you see yourself losing implants, or having implants removed, this is great, as it is showing you that you are getting rid of wrong thinking, and making room for God’s wisdom.

What If Someone Is Pulling My Teeth Out In A Dream?

Depending on whether the tooth being pulled is healthy or not, will reveal the meaning.

For instance, if the tooth is rotting and decayed, and you go to the dentist and have that tooth pulled, this would be positive as the Lord is showing you that He is removing wrong thinking, understanding etc. 

However, If the tooth being pulled was healthy and someone pulls the tooth, this is a warning that someone or something that is influencing you, is influencing you in the wrong way and causing confusion and will ultimately lead to a loss of wisdom, insight, understanding etc.

Why Am I Grinding My Teeth In A Dream?

Otherwise known in the bible as Gnashing of Teeth, this is symbolic of anger, being upset, frustration etc. If you see yourself grinding your teeth, it is likely the Lord wanting to highlight an area you are struggling with, such as anger or rage, in order that He can bring freedom. Once we know there is a problem, we can repent, and turn from those ways that are displeasing to the Lord.

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