I’ve had a few tornado dreams, and they can be quite terrifying! This is one of the reasons why it is so important to know what message God is wanting to get across to you, since He shows us things so we can be prepared and pray against them if need be.

Dreaming of a tornado hitting your house can be positive or negative depending on the color of the tornado. If dark, it is warning you of coming destruction or judgement. If light, if represents God bringing winds of sudden change. Your house could represent issues in your life, or your church.

What Do Tornados Represent in Dreams?

Tornado’s, according to the Bible, can represent anything from destruction, danger, judgement, drastic change, God’s Glory, and even God bringing about sudden change to shake things up, and potentially move you from one spot to another. The question to ask yourself in order to determine which of these it is, is, was the tornado dark or light?

A dark tornado speaks of something the enemy is bringing, and you need to pray against this. A light tornado speaks of God bringing about change in your life in a sudden and potentially scary way. Praying into this is also important, as it can prepare you to adapt to the change He is wanting for you.

If I Dream That A Tornado Hit My House, Will a Tornada Actually Hit My House?

My opinion on this is no, since majority of dreams are symbolic.

Dreaming about your home usually has to do with either your church, or some issues in your personal life. Occasionally it can mean both; meaning that what you will face in your personal life, your church will also face.

Take note of whether it is your current home, or a prior home, as this will give you an idea of whether this is something that will affect you where you are now, or something about a past season of your life.

What Does a Black Tornado Represent in Dreams?

Black tornados in a dream would typically be shown as a warning from God of an enemy attack. Black in this context represents the enemy, and destruction. If this is a tornado that hits your home, it would be helpful to know that in a dream, your house would typically represent issues in your personal life or church, or potentially both.

For more biblical explanation on the meaning of colors, you can read up on this in my blog here.

What Does an Orange Tornado Represent in Dreams?

In this context, I believe orange would represents stubbornness. If I personally dreamed of an orange tornado hitting my home, depending on the context of course, I would likely believe that this had to do with an individual (or a group of individuals) that the enemy would be using to come against either me or my church, and that there would be a stubbornness about their attack, an unwillingness to let the matter rest peaceably.

If you’re looking for the biblical meaning of different colors, you can read about this in my blog here.

What Does a Red Tornado Represent in Dreams?

In this context, I believe that red would represent anger and war. If I dreamed about a red tornado hitting my house, depending on the context, I would most probably believe that the enemy was launching an attack on either me or my church, and the goal would be to cause strife – a war – in either my personal life or within the church itself.

For more information on the biblical meaning of different colors, check out my blog post on color meaning here.

What Does it Mean if I Escaped from a Tornado?

I believe this is God, showing you His goodness, kindness, grace and protection over your life. Where the enemy comes at you in one way, he will flee in seven, and no sudden disaster will fall upon your house. Deuteronomy 28:7, and Psalm 91:10.

What Does it Mean if I watch a Tornado Pass Me By?

I believe that God is showing you that the enemy is planning and launching an attack, but in God’s kindness, He will not allow it to affect or touch you. You may see it, it may be scary, but His protection is over you and your house.

What Does it Mean if I Am Outside While A Tornado hits and I get hurt?

If you’re outside when a tornado hits, and you get hurt in the dream, the Lord is likely warning you that you’re exposed to an attack that the enemy has launched against you, one that you will feel and be hurt by.

This could be relating to something in your personal life, a situation that suddenly comes up, or it could be within your church, since your home can symbolically represent your life situation or your church. Occasionally it can mean both, meaning that the situation could be something you face in your personal life as well as in your church.

What Does it Mean if I Am Outside While A Tornado hits, but I don’t get hurt?

I believe this is God’s way of showing you that while you are open and exposed to an attack from the enemy, and while you will feel the ‘wind buffet you’ (meaning, you will be very aware of the turmoil going on around you), God’s supernatural protection will shield you from any real harm.

What Does it Mean if I See A Tornado Hit a Ship in The Ocean?

A ship would typically represent a large ministry, or possibly a large organisation. This is a prophetic dream, and if it is a dark tornado, I believe that this is a call to pray and intercede against an attack that the enemy has launched against a large impacting ministry or organisation.

If you belong to a large ministry which has large reach and impact, this could be an attack that the enemy is launching against your church, and a warning has been given to you to pray against it.

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