Some of the best dreams I’ve had, have involved money. God uses these dreams to prepare us for what is to come. Needless to say, it’s important to know what He is saying. Here is a biblical guide;

ItemContextBiblical Meaning
CashCash represents a loss or gain of favor, and / or provisions depending on Context
PositivePower, Provision, Wealth, Spiritual Riches, Authority or Strength of Man
NegativeCovetousness or Greed. If the dream is black and white, it usually represents greed
Check / ChequeA Check / Cheque represents Favor with man and / or Financial Provision
Credit CardPositiveGod may be asking you to Trust Him for something you didn’t personally work for
NegativeYou’re attempting to walk in something that you don’t yet have.
You’re operating on assumption.
You’re operating with a lack of Trust.
You’re being asked to deal with debt

There are many things to consider when interpreting what your dream may be about. Context, how you feel in the dream, even the colors in the dream – all these things play a role. Below I’ll touch on these things and provide a few different dream examples and what they mean;

Establish whether there is a Positive or Negative Context to your Dream

Typically, symbolism will have both positive and negative meanings. It is then up to the dreamer to ask him or herself some questions to establish whether the positive or negative meaning should be applied.

Context is basically the circumstances that form the setting of the dream. The context of the dream is what will tell you if you need to look at the positive meaning or the negative meaning of the symbol in your dream.

Receiving Cash in a Dream: A Positive Context Cash Dream Example and Meaning

As an example, let’s say that in reality you had been praying to the Lord for financial breakthrough, and you suddenly had a vivid and colorful dream;

Let’s say that in the dream you walked to the mailbox and found an envelope with your name on it had arrived. You opened the envelope and discovered it to be full of cash! You leafed through the notes, and as you did, you knew your prayers had been answered and all your financial obligations had suddenly been met. You were full of joy as the dream came to an end.

This would be a positive context dream. There was a lot of vivid color (the Lord uses vivid color in dreams, while the soulish realm and the enemy often use/have dull colors or black and white). You experienced great joy and knew your prayers for financial provision had been answered.

This is a dream showing you God’s plans, those things which are not yet a reality, will soon become a reality. He is sending you a message (mail), that cash (the provision you prayed for) is on the way, and that all your needs will be met.

Receiving Cash in a Dream: A Negative Context Cash Dream Example and Meaning

Let’s say you have a dark dream, void of color, where all is black and white. In the dream, you’re sitting in a meeting at work, and your boss is discussing a deal with you that makes you uncomfortable. He is vague and something just doesn’t feel right as he hands you a briefcase. On opening it, you discover it to be full of cash. The prospect of the cash seems wonderful to you, however, something doesn’t feel right, as it appears it will require you to be dishonest on some level.

This is a negative context dream. The dream is void of color, and you’re torn because while the cash would be great, you know something is wrong and you don’t feel right about doing the deal. This is a great warning dream example. It is warning you specifically against greed and dishonesty. You’re being shown the plan of the enemy, which in this situation is a plan to tempt you in the area of greed and the love of money.

Dreams Involving Checks – More Information on Check Symbolism

Checks, depending on the context of the dream, can represent favor, or financial provision.

In the natural, real world, checks are a promise of financial provision, yet, you would have to physically cash or bank them in order to use them.

There are also certain limitations around checks, namely;

Those that are bank guaranteed are basically gold in your hands, while those that are not, typically have a waiting period to clear and be proven authentic.

Therefore, in a dream, context and what type of check is being shown really matters.

Receiving A Check in a Dream – A Dream Example and Meaning

Let’s say in the natural you are in a tight spot financially and you’re unable to pay your rent. You’ve cried out to God to make a way for you, knowing there is nothing else you can possibly do. You then have a dream;

In the dream, you receive an envelope in the mail. You open the envelope to discover that it is full! Inside you find multiple checks for relatively small values, along with some cash bills which are also smaller values, and finally, one very large check for $50,000. The large check has ‘Bank Guaranteed’ stamped across it in bright red letters and you rejoice because you know the Lord has heard and answered your prayer, and is making a way for you.

The Meaning

This, and majority of the other dreams I share in my blog, are dreams that I’ve personally had. I’ll explain the context of my reality at the time of having this dream, along with what the Lord did, as it will make the meaning of this dream clear.

At the time of this dream, I was in Bible School. I had received a scholarship that covered all my schooling costs, and the Lord had made it clear to me that I should go.

However, the school was in a foreign country. Being in a different country, I was unable to work due to visa restrictions, and therefore every month I had to rely on a miracle to pay my rent and put food on my table. This particular month, the money was a little slower coming in and I began to very intentionally pray for provision.

At first, when I had this dream, I wondered if I was about to receive a $50k check from someone – the thought thrilled me! After a few days had passed and no check materialized, I began to ask the Lord what was going on. He reminded me that dreams in the bible are mostly symbolic, not literal.

When I was reminded of this, I began to take note of certain things taking place in my life at that time, and it became very clear to me what the Lord had been saying in that dream.

Fifty (50) is the number representing the year of Jubilee. In biblical terms, this was a year dedicated to rest and property restoration, along with debt cancellation and freedom from slavery. In the Bible, the Israelites dedicated this year to rest, knowing that God would provide.

Also, worth mentioning, the Bible says that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and we are not to be concerned about provision, as He would take care of our daily needs. In essence, this was the bank guaranteed check.

The first thing that happened after this dream was, my Landlord at the time cancelled my rent payment for the upcoming month. They had discovered some mold in one of the bathrooms, and as such I was not only released from my tenancy contract, but my debt (rent) was waived. I had been wanting to leave for months, but was tied in. In an instant, I was set free and my rent debt was cancelled!

The second thing that happened was, a new student who had just arrived for Bible School informed me that she was moving into a four-bedroom apartment and offered for me to join her. This apartment happened to be in the very gated community I had wanted to stay in initially, however, without a set income, the property management company would not provide me an option to rent.

What is more, when I explained to the student that I was unable to work and lived ‘by faith’ for rent and food, she was not at all concerned and said the Lord had spoken very specifically to her to attend this school, and as such she knew He would provide. Incredible favor from someone I hardly knew – I was given entry without even a $5 deposit requirement, and got an incredible room overlooking a lake and a full ensuite bathroom.

That year I enjoyed the best time of all my bible school years, simply receiving the teaching of the Lord at school and not needing to be concerned about how or when rent would come in.

Every month was a supernatural one, and we did not go without a thing. We not only received enough for rent, we were blessed with the best organic foods and so much more, down to bedding, furniture, television sets, computers – I tell you, the blessing of the Lord rained down on us and overwhelmed us.

I finally understood the $50k bank guaranteed check. I was given complete rest, total debt cancellation, freedom from the old tenancy agreement, incredible favor with man (in this case, a lady), and all the smaller checks and cash shown to me in that dream materialized supernaturally. It all came to pass, just as God had shown me.

Worth mentioning, a check that is not bank guaranteed is a promise of provision, but one that you have to cash. In other words, you have to have faith, stand on the Word of God and call that promise into being.

Using A Credit Card in a Dream – The Meaning

In the natural, credit cards can be a great tool. These days it’s almost impossible to survive without one, you need them to book flights, hotels and even to pay for parking in certain places. However, they are very dangerous and, when not used with wisdom, can be the source of a lot of problems.

When looking at the biblical meaning of seeing a credit card in a dream, you have to first consider what the bible teaches regarding finances and stewardship;

The bible says that God is our source of provision. Your job might (in most cases) be the means – the thing God uses to get money to you – but God is the source, the one who provided you the job. Matthew 6:25-30.

The bible also teaches that the borrower is slave to the lender, and to live within our means rather than going into debt (Proverbs 22:7). It also speaks of how when we are faithful with little, much more will be given. Luke 16:10-12

Taking all these things into account, we have to look at how using a credit card in a dream is, depending on the context, a bad thing.

Since God says He is our source, using a credit card in a dream to make a purchase demonstrates a lack of trust that God is able to provide in the right time for us. We also have to trust that if it’s what the Lord wants for us, He will put it in our hands without us needing to become a slave to the lender.

With this in mind, in a negative context; I would caution anyone having a dream about using credit cards, as it is indicating presumption; attempting to walk in something you do not yet have. Rather, pray in faith, and allow God to bring to pass whatever you’re believing for.

Credit cards do not need to be directly related to finances either, since dreams are more symbolic. Perhaps you are trying to walk in more spiritual authority than what you have, or perhaps you are making decisions based on something that has not yet been confirmed. Be cautious.

On the positive however, the bible also says that we will benefit from things we didn’t even work for;

I gave you land you had not worked on, and I gave you towns you did not build—the towns where you are now living. I gave you vineyards and olive groves for food, though you did not plant them.

Joshua 24:13

So, with this in mind, context is extremely important. Perhaps you have a dream where your boss comes to you and gives you a company credit card and says, ‘It’s time to dream big!’

Since dreams are more symbolic, your boss could represent the Lord, who is your real boss, and He could be telling you to believe Him for things you yourself did not toil for. Context really is everything.

Thank you for reading! I mentioned standing on the Word of God in Faith to see the promise of the Lord come to pass (which represents cashing the check). If this is not a term you’re familiar with, I did a three-part Vlog titled, ‘Mountain Moving Prayer’ explaining this. Visit our Vlog Page to watch this quick series!

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