Most people will at some point have a dream about their purse or wallet, and that is because this item is quite significant in terms of what it represents. Biblically speaking, this is what God is likely saying;

A wallet or purse represents the very thing that carries your identity documentation, your cash, and your drivers’ license. As such, dreaming about your purse or wallet would be God speaking to you about your identity and purpose in life.

Perhaps you lost your wallet in a dream, or your purse was stolen. Or maybe you found cash in your purse! All of these dreams have significant meaning biblically. Read on to understand what God may be saying.

Why am I dreaming about losing my purse / wallet?

If you’re dreaming that you’ve lost your purse or wallet, God is showing you that you’ve lost, and / or are looking for, your purpose and identity in life.

This is a call for you to spend time in His presence and re-establish your identity as a child of God, and gain clarity from Him on what it is that you are Called to do. You were born for a very specific purpose, and you won’t truly be satisfied until you are doing the very thing God birthed you to do.

Why am I dreaming that I’m searching for my purse / wallet?

Much like dreaming about losing your purse or wallet, dreaming that you’re searching for your purse or wallet means that you are searching for your purpose and identity.

You have likely been asking yourself questions such as, ‘There has to be more to life than this’ and ‘Why was I born, what is the purpose of my life?’  God is showing you that He sees and knows you are searching for answers. If you are not a born-again believer, you can find true identity through and in Jesus.

You can read more about this here and begin walking in all that God has for you, because God birthed you for purpose with great things in mind.

What does it mean if I dream that I found money in my purse or wallet?

Depending on the context of the dream, money can represent a variety of different things including, in the positive, power, provision, favor, wealth, and / or spiritual riches.

If you dreamed that you found money in your purse or wallet, and the dream had a positive feel to it and didn’t leave you feeling fill of dread, I believe the Lord is showing you that there is favor, wealth, provision and power available in your purpose and identity that you are not yet aware of.

The things you’re wanting (for instance, if you have been praying about one of those things – provision, wealth, favor etc.) He may be showing you that you already possess these things, you just need to learn how to access them as a Child of God.

What does it mean if my purse or wallet was stolen from me?

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy – John 10:10. If you dream that your purse or wallet was stolen, the Lord is showing you that the enemy is working behind the scenes to rob you of your purpose, identity and destiny. Do not believe the lies that say you have no purpose, that you are worthless and will amount to nothing, or the lies that say you’re not good at anything and will never succeed.

Jesus came to bring life and life in abundance, He birthed you for a purpose, ON purpose. Everyone has a very specific call – a very specific thing that they were born to do on this earth. Do not let the enemy lie to you and convince you otherwise. Jeremiah 29:11. Gods plans for you, are to prosper you, to see you do great things.

Different colored purses / wallets in dreams, and what they mean

Now that you understand what a purse represents biblically, you may be wondering the significance of a specific colored purse or wallet.

According to the bible, colors have specific meaning, and as such, a specific colored purse would mean something specific.

For instance, if, in a dream, you were to be given a beautiful new green wallet, it would mean that there is wonderful growth and prosperity coming to the area of your personal identity with Christ, along with growth in the area of your calling and purpose.

For a more comprehensive look at the meaning of different colors in the bible, visit my blog on colors here or you can purchase my eBook, Was That REALLY God? A Biblical Guideline in How God Speaks in Dreams and Visions, which lists over 350 biblical dream symbols, including explaining the meaning of different colors, which is available here.

Thanks for reading! If you would like to learn about being born again and making sure that heaven will be your home one day, you can do so here.