Cars and vehicles of all shapes and sizes are one of the most common symbols to appear in dreams. It is no wonder when you understand what they represent biblically, and how significant the meaning really is;

A car in a dream is symbolic representation of the vehicle you are using to move from one point and task in your life to another. This means that a car in a dream would represent your personal ministry, such as your career or occupation.

Different vehicles represent very different personal ministries however, so it is important to understand how God speaks in dream symbolism, so you can be better equipped to recognize what He is saying. Below I will give some further insight;

How To Understand Symbolism In Dreams From a Biblical Perspective

God speaks the same today as He did 2000 years ago; He uses parables and symbolism. In the book of James, He compares the rudder of a ship to one of the tiniest members of our body – the tongue. He does this as symbolic representation, basically, an illustration, to show you the power our tongues have to steer the very course of our lives. If used unwisely, our tongues – the words we speak – could shipwreck us.

In the same way, He compared the Word of God to a double-edged sword, and in doing so illustrated the power of Scripture to slice through the hardest of surfaces, and essentially divide truth from a lie. See Hebrews 4:12. The same can be said about how He uses the characteristics of the ant – their diligence in working hard despite not having a ruler or someone to get them to work hard, and encourages us to be like the ant and do the same. See Proverbs 6:6-8.

This type of symbolic representation, where the Lord uses things in the natural to symbolically represent the characteristic of that thing to us in dreams, can be seen right throughout the bible.

Thus, if a boat rudder is used to symbolically represent the ability to steer the ship, and then compared to the tongue, and the diligence of the ant is used to illustrate what a hard worker will look like in the natural, it is clear that the same would be done in terms of a car symbol being used in your dream, despite that an actual car was never mentioned in the Bible itself.

It is the characteristic of the car that one needs to look at, in order to understand the reason for that symbolism being used by God in the dream. So, now that you understand this, you can use the same method as seen throughout the Bible!

That means, instead of asking, ‘What does the rudder of a ship do in the natural, that God would compare it to our tongues,’ instead ask yourself, ‘What do cars do in the natural, and what could God be saying through using this vehicle in particular?’

The answer is, cars transport us, and sometimes others, from one point to another, taking us from one destination in life to another. Once this has been established, you can then begin to understand that this is where the type of vehicle being used in the dream becomes important to understand, as the Lord will use this to talk about where you are, what you’re doing and where you are going, because different vehicles mean different things!

What Do Different Types of Cars Represent in Dreams From a Biblical Perspective?

Using the information above, I’ve put together a small table that should help you discern what different types of vehicles would represent in dreams. If however you don’t find what you are looking for in this post, you can download ‘Was That Really God? A Biblical Guideline in Understanding How God Speaks in Dreams and Visions’ which includes over 350 dream symbols explained, here.

Type of VehicleBiblical Symbolic Meaning of Vehicle
Convertible CarThis would speak about revelation in your personal ministry or occupation; the ability to have unimpeded vision and operating under an open heaven where the sky is literally the limit.
Fire TruckThis speaks of a Rescue type of ministry. The ability to put out fires of destruction. Note the color of the dream however as if it is in a dark dream, you could be receiving a warning regarding putting out the fire of God.
LimousineThis would speak about a Call of God on your life in a certain capacity, and that you will be taken to your destination in a very comfortable manner and arrive in style. The ride itself however would not be in your control. Again – if in a dark dream – this could also speak of worldly materialism; you need to take the context of the dream into consideration.
BusA bus carries a large amount of people and would typically represent a ministry or church.
A BicycleThis speaks of an individual ministry and calling that requires perseverance, balance and commitment. Just because you dream of a bicycle today does not mean you’ll remain on a bicycle forever.
AirplanesThe size and type of plane correlates to the interpretation. Airplanes fly in the air; air representing things of the Spirit. This speaks of an ability to go to heights in the Spirit. A large airplane such as a 747 would likely represent an international church or large ministry that reaches nations and is able to operate in the prophetic. Smaller planes represent personal ministries and prophetic callings.

What Does It Mean If My Car Crashes in A Dream?

A car crash in a dream would represent that the vehicle you are currently using will soon become hindered in some way. It may indicate a job loss, or even simply a situation that leaves you stuck in a stranded position, unable to move forward.

What Does It Mean If I’m buying a Car in A Dream?

Buying a new vehicle in a dream represents a new way of moving, from your current destination to your desired destination, is on the horizon. There will however be a cost involved with your new vehicle! Take note of the color of the vehicle, as well as the type of vehicle as this will give you an idea of what you can expect. You can read about the biblical meaning of colors here.

What does It Mean If My Vehicle Gets Flooded In A Dream?

Biblically speaking, (clean, pure) water often represents the Holy Spirit. If your vehicle gets flooded in the dream, this is a great dream! It represents the Holy Spirit doing a powerful work in the area of your personal ministry. You can read more about this in my blog explaining details on water here.

What does It Mean If I Dream I’m Parked In A Parking Lot?

Cars are designed to be driven, not parked. If you are dreaming that you’ve been parked for a long time, it is time to ask God if you’re moving in the direction in which He has asked you to. It may be a case where He has given you a task, but for some reason you have not moved forward with His instruction, and He is telling you that it is time to get moving.

What Does It Mean If I Get Run Over By A Car In A Dream?

In the natural, not every car has authority to be on the road. There are certain licensing requirments to have a vehicle on the road and authority to then personally drive that vehicle. It is the same in the spiritual sense.

Many people are ‘out there doing their own thing’. These are people that often move chaotically, without any kind of leadership. They cause disruptions, conflict and strife, otherwise known as roadblocks and accidents.

Being run over by a car would be a warning to keep your eyes open, to try and avoid those people who don’t know how to drive and don’t know where they are going. Avoid people who are ‘not licensed to drive,’ meaning, those people who don’t have authority to be doing what they are doing.

Remember, just because you have a dream where you are run over, does not mean that it is bound to happen. God often gives warning dreams to allow us to pray and stop the event shown to us. By praying against the event seen in the dream, we are able to not only obtain the discernment and understanding needed to recognize ‘the vehicle’ when it is heading toward us, but also to speak in the Name of Jesus to stop that vehicle in its tracks, remembering that our war is not against flesh and blood (the person driving) but the real enemy, the devil, who is out to kill, steal and destroy. See John 10:10.

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