If you’re anything like me, you’ve had dreams that had such vivid color that you knew they were significant but just didn’t know why. I believe this biblical summary will be of great help to you;

ColorContextBiblical Meaning
RedPositiveWisdom, Anointing, Power, Redemption
NegativeAnger, War
BluePositiveCommunion, Revelation
NegativeDepression, Sorrow, Anxiety
GreenPositiveConscience, Growth, Prosperity
NegativeEnvy, Pride, Jealousy
BrownPositiveCompassion, Humility
NegativeHumanism, Compromise
Gold/AmberPositivePurity, Holy, Glory, Christs Nature, Deity
NegativeIdolatry, Defilement
PurplePositiveGiven Authority, Royalty
NegativeDemanded or False Authority
NegativeStubbornness, Strong-willed
SilverPositiveRedemptive Power, Grace, Atonement
NegativeLegalism, Slavery, Domination, Self-righteousness
YellowPositiveGifts of God, Hope, The Mind (Intellect)
NegativeCowardliness, Intellectual Pride
PinkPositiveChild-likeness, Love of God
GrayPositiveMaturity, Wisdom, Honor
WhitePositiveRighteousness, Holiness, Holy Power, Spirit of the Lord
BlackPositiveDeath, Mystery
NegativeSin, Darkness

How I came to the conclusion that these colors have these specific meanings

I’ve been studying dreams since 2013, yet I feel to have only scratched the surface of what God has available. I’ve read multiple books and done various courses, gone to Bible School (dreams and interpretation was not part of the curriculum however), and as such, I’ve drawn my own conclusions by which I currently stand.

What I found over the years was, a commonality in the majority of the meaning behind colors explained to me, provided it was based on biblical principles of course.

Something I learned from the late Prophet, John Paul Jackson, regarding color, is what I now base my understanding and belief on. This may change as I learn and grow in the Lord, but for right now, when I apply his understanding and explanation to my own personal dreams, and those I see in the bible, the dreams make sense. Hence, I share what he has taught me.

While studying under him, John Paul first shared about an encounter he had in the Throne Room. He said the encounter scared him so much, it took him two years to tell the Lord that He could do it again. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t divulge all he saw that scared him so, but he said that the encounter had to do with light, color and a special understanding on this topic.

After the encounter, he began to study colors in great detail according to what he found in Scripture. He discovered that in the 12 Tribes of Israel, each High Priest had a colorful stone on their breastplate. He began to compare the prophesies and descriptions of each tribe, to the color found on the breastplate, and found that when he applied the color of the breastplate to the actions and characteristics of each tribe, the meaning of color began to become much clearer, and so did the meaning of color in dreams.

Now, I’ve not personally had an encounter where I’ve been taken to the throne room and given special understanding on colors. That being said, when I listened to John Paul’s teaching on the topic, it bore witness to me. As such, I have shared what I’ve learned from him on this topic, and I’m believing that the Lord will reveal more for me to share as I continue in my walk with Him.

While John Paul has since passed away, his teachings are still available at Streams Ministries.

Why some dreams are vividly colorful, and others are dark, muted or black and white

While not every dream is from God, we have to recognise that just because a dream might be disconcerting, does not mean it is not from God. If we study what the Bible shares on what the prophets dreamt, their dreams were often disconcerting and worrisome, yet it was most certainly the Lord giving them the dream.

I start with this because often times a dream may have muted color, or be grayscale – black and white – and the contents may be very concerning to you in your spirit. Many then disregard the dream, thinking the Lord would not speak to them in this way. This would be a mistake.

God is perfect light, in Him is no shadow or darkness. (James 1:17).

What I have found is, when the Lord is showing me something from HIM, these are the most vivid, colorful and memorable dreams. They leave me feeling excited, expectant for the future, in awe of what I saw and excited for what is to come.

When He is showing me plans of the enemy however, these dreams are dark dreams. They are, in a sense, spiritual warfare dreams, and they are characterised by muted color, or they are completely devoid of color and are totally grayscale or black and white.

This does not mean that they are not from God – God is indeed revealing something to me, but He is making it plain to me that this is the plan of the enemy. The enemy is dark, there is no light in him.

Now, the Lord doesn’t show you these things to bring fear, even if they are disconcerting in your spirit. He shows you things because He promises to show us things to come, so that we are not taken by surprise. When we have knowledge of the enemy’s plans, we can rise up in faith and pray against it, breaking the enemy’s power. This is why the Bible tells us He will show us things to come, John 16:13, and reminds us that we don’t need to fear sudden disaster. Proverbs 3:25-26.

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