You may be tempted to think that shoes and clothing in your dreams are pointing to a good sense of style. Think again. Scripture makes these things clear; Read on to hear what God might be saying:

Shoes represent what you’re Called to do, as well as peace, or a lack thereof, in your walk. Clothing speaks of robes of righteousness, where the type of clothing you’re wearing in the dream represents the specific Call and Purpose God has destined for you.

In a dream context, there is a big difference between having holes in your shoes with the soles wearing thin, versus wearing army boots that are new and strong. Likewise, wearing medical scrubs vs pajamas in your dream would be significant. God is specific in how He speaks, and here is a guide to understanding;

What it Means to Dream About Old Shoes with Holes in the Soles

Shoes allow us to walk freely, undistracted and with no fear. When our feet are well covered and protected, it does not matter the terrain, we can walk with confidence, with our eyes fixed securely on whatever God has Called us to do.

On the contrary however, walking barefoot or with poor shoes leads to a lot of pain, slow going and much delay, depending of course on the terrain.

In Ephesians 6:15 it talks about the Armor of God, specifically, the shoes of ‘the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.’ It relates shoes to walking with the Peace of God. It stands to reason, therefore, that, should you have a dream where the soles of your shoes have worn thin and you’re having difficulty walking, that you are lacking peace in your walk and with what God has asked you to do.

When we have good solid strong soles in our shoes, we are able to trample on serpents and scorpions with authority, no fear and no pain like the Bible speaks of in Luke 10:19. The Gospel of Peace allows us to walk the path of trials and tribulations in life without fear, because we know that what awaits us is far greater than any suffering this world could offer.

Therefore, dreaming about the soles of your shoes wearing thin is indicating that there is a lack of peace in your life, and in your walk with the Lord.

The solution is simple however – time in His presence and in His Word will restore all things and give you the confidence you need to move forward. In short, He is Calling you deeper, to equip and enable you to move forward as He has a plan and a purpose for your life.

How to Determine What the Shoes in Your Dreams Mean

While dreams represent walking in the Peace God has for us, the type of shoe is also very symbolic of the type of terrain He is asking us to walk through.

In the real world, a soldier wouldn’t go to battle with high heels on, nor would a ballet dancer try and do a pirouette in horse riding boots. Different shoes therefore mean very different things, and we should pay careful attention to what kind of shoes the Lord has us wear in the dreams He gives us, as this will point us to our destiny and Calling.

If you’re wondering if this is even scriptural, and where ballet shoes are even mentioned in the Bible, consider this;

Throughout the Bible, God uses things in that natural to symbolically represent the characteristics of that thing to us. For instance, He equates the Sword to The Word of God – being sharp and able to ‘cut to the very heart of an issue.’ In the same way, He equates the tongue to that of a ship rudder, illustrating the great strength to change the course of our lives simply by the wrong use (or right use) of our tongues.

Get the picture? He uses illustrations to demonstrate and drive His point in order to make the meaning clear. He does the same very thing in dreams through symbolism, and the key to understanding, is understanding the characteristic of the symbol He is using.

A Few Examples of Different Shoes and Their Meanings in Dreams

Type of ShoeBiblical Meaning of The Type of Shoe
Scrub ShoesShoes worn by a doctor – A Call to the Healing and / or Deliverance Ministry.
Army BootsShoes worn by an Officer/Sniper – A Call to Deliverance Ministry; Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare.
High HeelsShoes worn by a professional – A Call that would have one stand ‘a little higher’ than others.
A professional setting, one where others will likely need to ‘look up’ to you.
Swimming FlippersShoes worn in the water to increase speed – A Call to the prophetic and moving deeper and
swifter in things of the Spirit.
Horse Riding BootsShoes worn by horse riders – A Call to a position of power and authority.

What it Means to Dream About Receiving New White Clothing

The Bible often references clothing as robes of righteousness; those things which Jesus provides to us when we give our lives to Him. Receiving new white clothing symbolises that we have been washed clean and all things are now new, without spot, wrinkle or blemish.

That being said, the type of clothing you are receiving, including the color, is very symbolic and important when it comes to dreams.

Keeping in mind the explanation I gave above in the shoe section with regards to how God uses things in the natural to illustrate the characteristic of that thing, it will likely be easier for you to understand the below information on what different clothing items represent symbolically;

What Different Types of Clothing Represent in Dreams; A Few Examples

Type of ClothingBiblical Meaning of The Type of Clothing
Tattered CloakThe Mantle (responsibility and influence) God has placed on you is not being taken care of.
Prison ClothingLost Souls – those people that don’t know Jesus.
Chef’s ApronA Call to prepare the Word and Preach the Gospel (Feed People)
Swimming CostumeA Call and indication that you’ve been given the ability to move in the Prophetic / things of the Spirit
Doctors ClothingA Call to Healing and /or Deliverance Ministry
Carpenter’s BeltA Pastoral Call – A Call to help build the Church of God
PajamasYou’re in a Spiritual Slumber; A call to wake up, or you’re in a time of rest.

Different Colors of Shoes and Clothing in Dreams, and What This Means

Colors have specific symbolic meaning and can be found throughout the word of God;

What it Means to Receive a New Pair of Red and White Shoes

A new pair of red and white shoes would indicate God is revealing the next phase of the destiny and call He has on your life. It will be marked with peace (new strong soles) and He will make available the wisdom, power and anointing (red) to you, along with Holy Righteous Power (White).

What it Means to Receive a New Purple Robe

God has placed a new mantle on your life, and in doing so He is marking you a royal bloodline, which comes with authority and influence.

What it Means to Receive a New Pair of Black Shoes

God is bringing you into a new season, but for the most part it will be a mystery as it is not the right time to reveal His plans and purposes in this season. You will need to walk by faith, trusting Him in His purposes as it is a time of preparation for something greater.

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