Ever found yourself back at school in a dream? This is a very common dream that most will at some point have in their lifetime. This is what it means;

Dreaming about being back at school means that you are in a season of training. The type of school will represent the type of training. Elementary school for instance would mean that you are being taken back to basics to learn a lesson you’ve not yet mastered.

There are many varying situations or possible school dream scenarios that have significant meaning. Below are some of the most common which you may find helpful. If however you don’t find what you are looking for in this post, you can download ‘Was That Really God? A Biblical Guideline in Understanding How God Speaks in Dreams and Visions’ which includes over 350 dream symbols explained, here.

Dreaming About Being Back at Your Old School

This dream would mean that there is a specific scenario that you have had to walk through or experience in the past in order to learn a specific lesson. Finding yourself back in your old school means you will be walking through a similar time of training as what you’ve experienced in the past, in order to master what is being taught.

Dreaming About Being back in Elementary School vs Secondary School or College

The type of school you find yourself in will represent the type of training you are currently in, or about to go through. Elementary school would indicate that you are being taken back to basics to learn a lesson you’ve not yet mastered. Secondary School would indicate that you’ve mastered some of the elementary elements, however, there is another level that still needs to be mastered. College or university on the other hand indicates that you are about to go through some specialized training.

Dreaming About Going Back to College

Finding yourself back in college in a dream means that while you have mastered certain elements, and are now past the elementary and secondary stages of training, that you are now embarking on training that is fairly specialized in terms of what God has purposed and called you to do. Since you’re back in college, it would indicate that you’ve already been through the lesson, however there is still more to be learned before you can graduate to the next level.

Dreaming About Missing or Being Late for a Class

Missing a class means that there was a specific lesson that you were meant to undergo, which you have missed. The reason for missing the class would be important to grasp, as if in the dream you were just not interested in the class, it might indicate that God is showing you that He is wanting to teach you something that you may not want to currently ‘hear’.

Being late for a class means that for some or other reason, you have fallen being in your training. This is a call to action – don’t drag your feet in doing what you know in your heart God is asking you to do, in order to prepare for your future.

Dreaming About Taking a Test

Taking a test in a dream means that you are being tested for purposes of promotion. This is a great dream, be sure to pay careful attention to the situations that come your way in the near future as you will likely be tested in areas of weakness to prove yourself capable of making the right decisions and taking the right actions.

Dreaming About Failing a Test

Failing a test means that you’ve been given an opportunity to make the right choices in order for promotion to take place, however, you have not yet learned all that is needed and some additional training will be needed. You will likely find yourself back in the classroom in future dreams hereafter, but take heart, if you stay the course and allow God to do what He wants to do in you, you will pass!

Dreaming About Being Late for a Test

This dream means that you are late in your training, which has delayed your promotion. In short, there is a promotion waiting for you, but in order for the promotion to take place, you need to allow yourself to be tested. This will typically mean that you need to put yourself in the ‘uncomfortable spot’ you’ve been avoiding as this is likely where you will be tested to ensure you can overcome your weakness.

Dreaming About Finding Yourself in a Hallway at a School

A Hallway represents a time of transition, while a school represents a season of training. Therefore, if you find yourself in a hallway at school, this means that you are in a season of transition within your training. This could be a transition from one lesson to another on the same level, or a transition from a lower level of training to a higher level of training. For instance, if the hallway leads from the elementary school to the secondary school, your level of training will be advancing.

Dreaming About Being Back at School but You’re Teaching the Class

If you find yourself back in school but this time instead of being seated at a desk as a learner, you’re the one teaching the class, this means that there is likely a teaching anointing on your life. This could mean that Gods plan and purpose for you may be to have a teaching ministry, or perhaps to have a career in education.

Dreaming About Graduating

This means that you have finished this season of training and that God is moving you onto a new season! Congratulations!

What You Should Do If You’ve Dreamt of Being Back at School

Typically dreaming of being back at school means that there are lessons that have not been fully mastered, that you will be re-doing in order to move onto the next season that God has for you. If you find yourself being back at school in a dream, the best course of action would be to ask God what exactly it is that He is wanting to teach you, and ask Him for a soft heart to receive direction and correction, and wisdom – which He gives to all who ask without finding fault.

Thank you for reading. Remember, the Holy Spirit and Scripture should always be the first point of contact when unsure about the meaning of a dream. God bless, and if you would like to learn more about making heaven your home one day when your life is required of you, you can do so here.